Doktorand in einem Seminar

PhD Seminar

Doktorand in einem Seminar
Foto: Jan-Peter Kasper (Universität Jena)

organized by Oleksiy Köpp and Julian Wendt.

There is a weekly seminar mainly organized by and intended for PhD students of the department of mathematics and computer science. During the lecture period, it takes place

on Mondays from 12.15 to 1.45 p.m., SR 223, Carl-Zeiss-Straße 3

This seminar aims to present different research areas and to animate the doctoral life. The contributed talks should explain basic ideas of the achieved work avoiding complex details but communicating main intensions of the doctoral research to other students. Feel free to give a talk and join us. We also very welcome master students and postdocs who are interested to join.


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Schedule of the winter semester 2022/23

Date Time Talk
November 7, 2022 12:15 p.m.

M.Sc. Sooppawat Thipyarat (Stochastics):
"Uniform approximation for a canonical stochastic differential equation" abstract

November 21, 2022 12:15 p.m.

M.Sc. Zhen Liu (Analysis):
"New Generalizations of Besov-type spaces and Triebel-Lizorkin-type spaces" abstract [pdf, 80 kb]

December 5, 2022 12:15 p.m.

B.Sc. Simon Murmann (Analysis):
"The BMS-Conjecture about L^p-positivity preserving manifolds" abstract [pdf, 83 kb]

December 12, 2022 12:15 p.m.

M.Sc. Lukas Gehring (Numerics):
"A conically weighted Alexandrov estimate"

December 12, 2022 5:00 p.m.

social event: Christmas market

January 23, 2023 12:15 p.m.

M.Sc. Leandro Meier (Algebra): 
"Sym(N)-Noetherianity of Polynomial Algebras and Topological Spaces"
abstract [pdf, 37 kb]

Past semesters

summer semester 2022 Eintrag erweitern

(organized by Oleksiy Sukaylo and Julian Wendt)

M.Sc. Julian Wendt (Stochastics):
"An introduction to stochastic games"  abstract

M.Sc. Daan van Dijk (Analysis):
"An Overview of Interpolation Theory with Application to (S)PDEs"   abstract

Dipl. Math. Evgenii Antonov (Differential Geometry):
"An overview of Nijenhuis geometry and applications to F-manifolds theory" abstract

M.Sc. Marian Ritsch (Stochastics):
"A stochastic energy balance model with moving ice line"

M.Sc. Simon Puchert (Analysis):
"A continued fraction related to the Gamma function" abstract

M.Sc. Jakob Henkel (Differential Geometry):
"Geometric inequalities and Steiner symmetrization" abstract

winter semester 2021/22 Eintrag erweitern

(organized by Oleksiy Sukaylo and Julian Wendt)

M.Sc. Ian Zimmermann (Analysis)
"Stochastic completeness and some (non-)linear characterizations"  abstract

M.Sc. Sofia Brenner (Algebra)
"Ideals in the center of a group algebra" abstract

M.Sc. Verena Köpp (Stochastics)
"Synchronization and upper semicontinuity of random attractors" abstract

Dr. Benjamin Hinrichs (Mathematical Physics)
"Estimating the Decay of Eigenfunctions of Schrödinger Operators" abstract

summer semester 2021 Eintrag erweitern

(organized by Oleksiy Sukaylo and Julian Wendt)

M.Sc. Oleksiy Sukaylo (Analysis)
"Boundaries of hyperbolic graphs"  abstract

M.Sc. Zhen Liu (Analysis)
"The Characterizations of Two Types of Function Spaces on Non-homogeneous Metric Measure Spaces"  abstract

M.Sc. Jakob Schuhmacher (Differential Geometry)
"Curvature Measures"  abstract

M.Sc. Simon Puchert (Analysis)
"On the moving sofa problem"  abstract

M.Sc. Sooppawat Thipyarat (Stochastics)
"Homogenization of the skew Brownian motion" abstract

winter semester 2020/21 Eintrag erweitern

(organized by Oleksiy Sukaylo and Julian Wendt)

M.Sc. Julian Wendt (Stochastics)
"The Maximum Principle and Controlled Diffusion"

M.Sc. Stefan Perko (Stochastics)
"Optimal Control of Stochastic Modified Equations - An Introduction using SGD"

M.Sc. Benedikt Heiland (Stochastics)
"Risk-neutral pricing in rough volatility models"

M.Sc. Benjamin Böhm (Theoretical Computer Science)
"Connections between theoretical and algorithmic Proof Systems" 

M.Sc. Jakob Henkel (Differential Geometry)
"SL(n)-equivariant Valuations on convex Bodies"

winter semester 2019/20 Eintrag erweitern

(organized by Benjamin Hinrichs, Daniel Sell, Oleksiy Sukaylo and Julian Wendt)

M.Sc. Stephanie Reinhardt (Algebra)
"Finite Fields (and AΓL)" 

M.Sc. Ian Zimmermann (Analysis)
"Reaction vs. Diffusion: Blow-up of solutions of an abstract semilinear parabolic equation" 

M.Sc. Daniel Dörfler (Optimization)
"A Benson-Type Algorithm for Bounded Convex Vector Optimization Problems with Vertex Selection"

Dr. Maike Klein (Stochastics, TU Wien)
"On the gain of collaboration"

M.Sc. Daniel Sell (Analysis)
"On subshifts with leading sequences"

M.Sc. Melchior Wirth (Analysis)
"Sobolev Inequalities, Heat Kernel Estimates, and Eigenvalue Asymptotics on Graphs" 

Dr. Robert Hesse (Stochastics)
"Dynamics of SDEs driven by a Fractional Brownian Motion with Hurst parameter H > 1/2" 

M.Sc. Bento Natura (Combinatorial Optimization, London School of Economics and Political Science)
"Solving Linear Programs Faster"

M.Sc. Jan Schumm (Differential Geometry)
"C-projective equivalence & quantum integrability of geodesic flows"

M.Sc. Sofia Brenner (Algebra)
"Blocks of finite groups and the Malle-Navarro conjecture"  

Dr. Markus Dafinger (Differential Geometry)
"Existence of a Variational Principle for PDEs with Symmetries and Current Conservation"  

M.Sc. Marc Hovemann (Theoretical Numerics)
"Besov-Morrey spaces and differences"

summer semester 2019 Eintrag erweitern

(organized by Benjamin Hinrichs and Daniel Sell)

M.Sc. Till Hauser (Dynamical Systems)
"Some comments on entropy and a generalization suitable for Delone dynamical systems"

M.Sc. Marian Ritsch (Stochastics)
"Analysis of a Lévy-driven Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process"

M.Sc. Julius Lang (Differential Geometry)
"Three problems on Finsler surfaces"

M.Sc. Benjamin Hinrichs (Mathematical Physics)
"Some Rigorous Results on the Nelson Model"

M.Sc. Oliver Siebert (Mathematical Physics)
"Positive commutators in the context of thermal ionization"

M.Sc. André Prater (Algebra)
"Centers of group algebras: Some bases; pros and cons"

M.Sc. Verena Köpp (Stochastics)
"Dynamics of random lattice equations"

M.Sc. Louis Soares (Dynamical Systems)
"On the distribution of resonances for hyperbolic surfaces"

M.Sc. Paul Wabnitz (Universität Bremen)
"Transfer operator approach to Selberg's zeta function"

Dipl.-Math. Christian Oertel (Dynamical Systems)
"Model Sets and Entropy"

 Dr. Glenn Byrenheid (Analysis)
"Non-optimality of rank-1 lattice sampling"

winter semester 2018/19 Eintrag erweitern

(organized by Benjamin Hinrichs and Daniel Sell)

M.Sc. Daniel Sell (Analysis)
"About cocycles on simple Toeplitz subshifts"

M.Sc. Stefan Engelhardt (Stochastics)
"How to solve coupled FBSDEs with the method of decoupling fields"

B.Sc. Simon Puchert (Analysis)
"Resolvable graphs and harmonic functions"

M.Sc. Franziska Sieron (Analysis)
"On the existence of periodic points in subshifts of finite type"

M.Sc. Jan Kotrbatý (Differential Geometry)
"Octonions and the group Spin(9)"

M.Sc. Konstantin Vorushilov (Differential Geometry, Lomonosov Moscow State University)
"Jordan-Kronecker invariants of Lie algebras"

M.Sc. Vladislav Kibkalo (Differential Geometry, Lomonosov Moscow State University)
"Topology of foliated phase space for an integrable Hamiltonian system"

M.Sc. Robert Hesse (Stochastics)
"Solving Stochastic Evolution Equations (almost) without stochastics"

Dr. Maike Klein (Stochastics, TU Wien)
"Measure Optimization with Tchebycheff Systems"

B.Sc. Jakob Henkel (Differential Geometry)
"Long geodesics on Alexandrov spaces and convex hypersurfaces"

B.Sc. Sebastian Uschmann (Analysis)
"Cohomology of Dirichlet Forms"

M.Sc. David Krieg (Theoretical Numerics)
"Recovering functions from random data"

M.Sc. Flavia Remo (Dynamical Systems)
"Saddle-node bifurcations in hybrid-forced systems"

M.Sc. Florentin Münch (Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig)
"Discrete Ricci curvature and Liouville property"

summer semester 2018 Eintrag erweitern

(organized by Benjamin Hinrichs, Maike Klein and Daniel Sell)

Vadim Platonov (Stochastics, Lomonosov Moscow State University)  
"The optimality as a geometric characterization for Skorokhod embedding"

Vadim Platonov (Stochastics, Lomonosov Moscow State University)
"Skorokhod embedding for Geometric Brownian motion and one-jump martingales"

M.Sc. Melchior Wirth (Analysis)
"Covering the plane with triangles

M.Sc. Iaroslava Korenovska (Stochastics, National Academy of Science of Ukraine)
"Distribution of heavy points in coalescing Brownian systems"

M.Sc. Marc Hovemann (Theoretical numerics)    
"Characterization of Triebel-Lizorkin Spaces by Differences"

M.Sc. Lena Hartmann (Stochastics)
"Stochastic Transport Equations"

M.Sc. Laura Gay (Stochastics, École Centrale de Lyon)
"Risk measures in a temperature model"

Dr. Holger Langenau (TU Chemnitz)
"Squaring the square - Counting all possible partitions of a square“

M.Sc. Jan Schumm (Differential geometry)
"Geodesics in the Papapetron-Majumdar metric: A Newtonian problem"

M.Sc. Markus Lange (Mathematical Physics)
"The hydrogen atom in dipole approximation"

M.Sc. Maximilian Wechsung (Stochastics)
"Rates of Convergence of M-Estimators and Bracketing Numbers"

winter semester 2017/18 Eintrag erweitern

(organized by Maike Klein and Daniel Sell)

M.Sc. Till Hauser (Dynamical systems)
"On the Monotonicity of the Maximal Equicontinuous Factor and some Application"

M.Sc. Melchior Wirth (Analysis)
"Gradient flows in Euclidean, Hilbert, and metric spaces"

M.Sc. Jan Kotrbatý (Differential Geometry)
"Search for valuations in the octonionic plane"

Dipl.-Math. Pierre Landrock (Algebra)
"On the Abelian Defect Group Conjecture" 

M.Sc. Oliver Siebert (Mathematical physics)
"Ionization in a thermal field"

M.Sc. André Prater (Algebra)
"Having Fun with Symmetric Groups"

M.Sc. Jannis Koberstein (Mathematical physics)
"Onto - A Fréchet space approach to the surjectivity of operators on countably infinite-dimensional function spaces"

Dipl.-Math. Christian Oertel (Dynamical systems)
"Dynamical Cut and Project Schemes"

Dr. Therese Mieth (Analysis)
"Approximation numbers and eigenvalue problems"

M.Sc. Maike Klein (Stochastics)
"On the Skorokhod Embedding Problem"

M.Sc. Maike Klein (Stochastics)
"Three Points Suffice"

summer semester 2017 Eintrag erweitern

(organized by Maike Klein and Daniel Sell)

Dipl.-Math. Marcel Schmidt (Analysis)
"Global Analysis on Manifolds and Dirichlet spaces"

M.Sc. Julius Lang (Differential Geometry)
"Differentiability of path structure preserving maps in dimension 2"

Dipl.-Math. Clemens Bombach (Analysis, TU Chemnitz)
"Mathematical problems related to electrical impedance tomography"

Dr. Siegfried Beckus (Analysis, Technion Haifa)
"Unique ergodicity of Delone dynamical systems"

M.Sc. Louis Raoul Soares Correia (Analysis)
"Resonances for Hyperbolic Surfaces" 

Aleksei Trifonov (Stochastics, Lomonosov Moscow State University)
"Comparison Theorem for SDEs with jumps"

M.Sc. Daniel Sell (Analysis)
"Simple Toeplitz Words and Spectral Theory of Grigorchuk's Group"

M.Sc. Benjamin Hinrichs (Mathematical Physics)
"Vertex Algebras in two-dimensional Conformal Field Theories"

M.Sc. Maximilian Wechsung (Statistics)
"Consistency of M-Estimators and the Uniform Law of Large Numbers"

winter semester 2016/17 Eintrag erweitern

(organized by Maike Klein and Daniel Sell)

M.Sc. Nina Bartelmeß (Differential geometry)
"Generalized Berwald and monochromatic metrics"

B.Sc. Franziska Sieron (Analysis)
"The density of periodic configurations in strongly irreducible subshifts of finite type"

M.Sc. Stephanie Reinhardt (Algebra)
"Algebras related to a class of 3-blocks of defect 2"

M.Sc. Michael Schwarz (Graph theory, Universität Potsdam)
Courant's nodal domain theorem on graphs"

Dr. Kai Kümmel (Stochastics)
"Torsch(l)usspanik - An application of optimal stochastic control to zero-sum games"

M.Sc. Markus Lange (Mathematical Physics)
"On Casimir-Polder effect and van der Waals forces"

M.Sc. Stefan Engelhardt (Stochastics)
The Skorokhod Embedding Problem"

M.Sc. David Krieg (Theoretical numerics)
"Approximating tensor product operators with finite linear information"

M.Sc. Flavia Remo (Dynamical Systems)
"On the effect of forcing on fold bifurcations and early-warning signals in population dynamics"

M.Sc. Robert Hesse (Stochastics)
"Rough paths theory - a purely analytical approach to stochastic integration"

summer semester 2016 Eintrag erweitern

(organized by Siegfried Beckus, Maike Klein, Therese Mieth and Daniel Sell)

M.Sc. Lena-Susanne Boltz (Stochastic)
"One-Dimensional Advection-Diffusion Equation with Boundary Lévy Noise"

M.Sc. Artem Nepechiy (Geometry, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster)
"Alexandrov-spaces and the Gromov-Hausdorff distance"

M.Sc. Oliver Siebert (Mathematical physics)
"Existence of ground states for translation-invariant Pauli-Fierz models"

Dipl. Math. Marcel Schmidt (Analysis)
"Uniformly transient and canonically compactifiable graphs"

Dr. Jan Schneider (Numerische Analysis)
"Cross Approximation in Tensor Networks"

Dipl. Math. Pierre Landrock (Algebra)
"Quivers and hereditary algebras"

M.Sc. Jannis Koberstein (Mathematical physics)
"Asymptotic expansion for the density of states in the Anderson-model"

M.Sc. Georgi Molyboga  (National Academy of Science of Ukraine)
"The Berry-Esseen inequality for weakly ergodic Markov processes"

Dipl. Math. Christian Oertel (Dynamical systems)
"Embeddability of combinatorially described topological spaces into R^d"

M.Sc. Jonas Dahlbæk (Mathematical physics, Aarhus University, Denmark)
"Methods for spectral analysis of non-relativistic quantum field theory"

B.Sc. André Prater (Algebra)
"Involution models on finite orthogonal group"

M.Sc. Melchior Wirth (Analysis)
"Groups and C*-algebras: Amenability, C*-simplicity and the Unique Trace Property"

winter semester 2015/16 Eintrag erweitern

(organized by Siegfried Beckus and Therese Mieth)

Dipl. Math. Siegfried Beckus (Analysis)
"Continuous behavior of the spectrum of fields of operators"  

Dipl. Math. Siegfried Beckus (Analysis)
"Continuous behavior of the spectrum: Application to Schrödinger operators"

Dipl. Math.Therese Mieth (Analysis)
"Dirichlet-Neumann-bracketing in Lp"

Dr. Felix Pogorzelski (Analysis, Technion Haifa)
"News about entropy"

Dipl. Math. Markus Oehme (Algebra)
"Introduction to category theory"

M.Sc. Oscar Domínguez (Analysis, UC Madrid)
"Limiting interpolation spaces and decay of Fourier coefficients"  

Dipl. Phys. Gabriel Fuhrmann (Stochastische Analysis)
"Amorphic complexity in low-complexity subshifts"

Dipl. Math.René Reichenbach (Algebra)
"On 2-blocks whose defect group is a Sylow subgroup of PSU(3,4)"

Dr. Gernot Geppert (Geowissenschaften, Universität Hamburg)
"Non-Gaussian data assimilation with the ensemble Kalman filter for weather prediction and climate"

Dipl. Math. Christian Rose (Analysis, TU Chemnitz)
"Ricci curvature integral conditions and the Kato class"

M.Sc. Maike Klein (Stochastik)
"An Optimal Stopping Problem with Expectation Constraints" 

Dr. Stefan Rosemann (Differentialgeometrie)
"PDE's characterising the constant curvature sphere"

summer semester 2015 Eintrag erweitern

(organized by Siegfried Beckus and Therese Mieth)

Dipl. Phys. Andreas Vollmer (Differentialgeometrie)
"Polynomial First Integrals in 2 Dimensions"

Dipl. Math. oec. Erik Schneider (Geometrie/Stochastik)
"Fractal geometry of stochastic processes" 

Dr. Gerhard Bräunlich (Mathematische Physik)
"The Translation Invariant BCS Functional of Superconductivity"

M.Sc. Markus Lange (Mathematische Physik)
"Spectral properties of perturbed Schrödinger Operators in non-relativistic Quantum electrodynamics"

B.Sc. Daniel Sell (Analysis)
"Isomorphism of topological groupoids: Matuis spatial realization theorem"

Dipl.-Math. oec. Nadine Müller (Mathematische Statistik)
"Bootstrap Methods: An overview"

Dr. Sören Laue (Optimierung)
"Convex Optimization for Machine Learning Made Fast and Easy"

M.Sc. Florentin Münch (Analysis)
"Li-Yau inequality on finite graphs via non-linear curvature dimension conditions" 

B.Sc. Melchior Wirth (Analysis)
"Uniqueness of extensions of magnetic Schrödinger forms"

winter semester 2014/15 Eintrag erweitern

(organized by Siegfried Beckus and Therese Mieth)

Dipl. Math.  Siegfried Beckus (Analysis)
"Spectral Approximation of bounded Operators"

Dipl. Math. Marcel Schmidt (Analysis)
"Talk 1: Benjamini-Schramm convergent graph sequences and Iharas' Zeta function" 

Dipl. Math. Marcel Schmidt (Analysis)
"Talk 2: Benjamini-Schramm convergent graph sequences and Iharas' Zeta function"

Dipl. Math. Marcel Schmidt (Analysis)
"Talk 3: Benjamini-Schramm convergent graph sequences and Iharas' Zeta function"

Dipl. Math. Frederik Ziebell (Applied Mathematics, Heidelberg)
"Mathematical Modelling in Medicine and Biology - How modelling natural phenomena can lead to new theorems" 

Dipl. Math. Erik Schneider (Stochastik)
"Stochastic Differential Equations with fractal noise"

M.Sc. Alba Segurado (Analysis, Madrid/Jena)
"Real Interpolation and Compactness"

Dipl. Math. Markus Böhm (Stochastik)
"Talk 1: Dynamic of Random Systems"

Dipl. Math Kai Kümmel (Stochastik)
"Talk 2: Dynamic of Random Systems"

Dipl. Math. René Reichenbach (Algebra)
"Perfect Isometries in Block Theory"

M.Sc. Kien Nguyen (Analysis)
"Bernstein Numbers of Embeddings of Isotropic Besov Spaces"

M.Sc. Robert Kunsch (Theoretische Numerik)
"Introduction to Information Based Complexity"

Dipl. Math. Juliane Geller (Stochastik)
"More efficient nonparametric Regression for autocorrelated data"

summer semester 2014 Eintrag erweitern

(organized by Siegfried Beckus and Therese Mieth)

M.Sc. Alexandra Neamtu (Stochastik)
"Stochastic Analysis in UMD Banach Spaces" 

Dipl. Math. Felix Pogorzelski (Analysis)
"Ihara's zeta function for big graphs"

Dipl. Math. Christopher Schneider (Optimierung)
"A Dual Approach for Solving Linear-Quadratic Control Problems with Big-Bang Solutions"  

Dipl. Math. Markus Oehme (Algebra)

Dr. Matthias Keller (Analysis)
"Analysis and Geometry on Graphs" 

Dipl. Math. Marcel Schmidt (Analysis)
"Does diffusion determine the geometry?" 

Dipl. Math. Heidi Weyhausen (Theoretische Numerik)
"Average dicrepancies"

Dr. Daniel Rudolf (Theoretische Numerik)
"Markov chain Monte Carlo on R^d"

M.Sc. Markus Lange (Mathematische Physik)
"The model of quantum electrondynamics"

Markus Böhm (Stochastik)
"Analysis auf einer Klasse von Fraktalen"

winter semester 2013/14 Eintrag erweitern

(organized by Siegfried Beckus and Therese Mieth)

Mario Ullrich (Stochastics)
"Rapid mixing for the non-critical random-cluster model on the square lattice"

Benjamin Sambale (Algebra)
"Life after the classification" 

Siegfried Beckus (Analysis)
"C*-algebras and spectral theory"

Tim Fritzsche (Algebra)
"Interactions between combinatorics and representation theory of symmetric groups"

Erik Schneider (Stochastics)
"Integration with respect to fractal functions and stochastic calculus"

Marlis Bärthel (Optimization)
"On Transfer Phenomena in Taxed Matrix Games" 

René Reichenbach (Algebra)
"Groups, Fusion Systems and Blocks"

Franka Baaske (Analysis)
"Heat and Navier - Stokes equations in function spaces"

Therese Mieth (Analysis)
"Entropy and approximation numbers via spectral theory"

summer semester 2013 Eintrag erweitern

(organized by Siegfried Beckus and Therese Mieth)

Therese Mieth
"Dichotomy in Besov spaces: Traces versus Density" 

Tilmann Bohl
"Mathematical writing - an overview"

Siegfried Beckus
"Quasicrystals and Floquet-Bloch theory" 

Philipp Rudolph
"Entropy of absolutely convex hulls" 

Matthias Keller
"Negative curvature and spectrum of graphs"

Marcel Schmidt
"Discrete magnetic Schrödinger operators"

Henning Kempka
"Function spaces with variable exponents" 

Xueping Huang
"Time-changed process and applications"

Felix Pogorzelski
"Graphs and spectral approximations"


The PhD Seminar was founded by Siegfried Beckus and Therese Mieth in March 2013. The first aim of the seminar was to bring together PhD Students working in the area of Analysis, Geometry and Numerics. Due to the positive feedback, the Seminar was opened 2014 for all PhD Students in the faculty. Since then the seminar runs regularly every semester. In the summer semester 2016, Maike Klein and Daniel Sell joined the organization of the Seminar. In the summer semester 2018, the seminar was organized by Benjamin Hinrichs, Maike Klein and Daniel Sell. In the winter semester 2018/19 and summer semester 2018, Benjamin Hinrichs and Daniel Sell organized the seminar. In the winter semester 2019/20, Oleksiy Sukaylo and Julian Wendt joined the organization, and in summer 2020 they took over the coordination of the PhD seminar.